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Hazlett- Bloom Mountain

Stockholm-based Australian indie-folk artist Hazlett introduced his debut album ‘Bloom Mountain’ to the audience.

Hazlett fascinated us with his single ‘Part Time Lovers‘ released at the end of last year, now he draws our attention with his debut album ‘Bloom Mountain‘, which also includes the last single.

Hazlett has become a recognized name for his nostalgic and wistful indie-folk/pop, mainly in his home territory of Australia and New Zealand, but he is living in Stockholm since 2019. Hazlett’s music stands out from the crowd of traditional indie folk.Combining the traces of melancholy, nostalgia and heartache in his songs, the artist aims to be both magnificent and sincere in his music.

For his debut album ‘Bloom MountainHazlett says “The intent of the album was to make something elaborately gorgeous from start to finish. I wanted my love for little details to come out in it. I wanted people to reminisce about putting on this album for the first time and how they miss that feeling. I wanted to write more from a place outside of myself for the album. Like I was able to leave my body and tell stories, not necessarily from my own perspective, but from looking back at me. Because I want people to find bits of themselves in the music, which I think you get more when it’s a story teller perspective and not necessarily so biographical all the time”.

OSKA, an Austrian artist, accompanies Hazlett on the album’s focus song Hesitate. Combining the naive voices of the duo, the duet gives the listener peace of mind and focuses on reflections, thoughts and feelings between the two people. The video of the song is very sincere and carries traces of daily life.

For ‘Hesitate‘ with OSKA, Hazlett says;
‘I’ve always been somewhat wary of duets. I think a lot of the time they can come across as cheesy and forced. However with the whole album dancing between my own specific memories and common threads for other people to pull, it felt like there needed to be another moment where it’s not just me. I didn’t want a your turn my turn duet of singing to each other. I just wanted a song where two people are reflecting on their own private memories and then you catch glimpses of how similar we all are at times. The sincerity of OSKA’s voice became the perfect person to help carry it through. It needed to mirror the underlying feeling of the album that says “You tell your story and I’ll tell mine and let’s see where we both relate along the way”

We are very happy to recommend you the album that we love each song individually.
You can also watch Hesitate’s video below.

Enjoy listening!

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