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Tobias Arbo- Powerlines

Swedish musician Tobias Arbo has released his debut EP ‘Powerlines’ via CRC Records.

A talented songwriter and singer who knots hearts with his songs, Tobias Arbo releases his first EP ‘Powerlines’ via London-based CRC Records.

Tobias’s honest, heartfelt lyricism and his beautifully refined grasp of indie folk songwriting, combined with the music’s rich, dense production make for a stunning combination. Enabling us to feel a peaceful home with the lyrics and videos of his songs, Tobias continues this effect with his Carousel video he released recently. The EP is a reflection on the ‘self’ and its different parts, sounds and moods. Combined with Tobias’s soft voice and poetic storytelling power, Powerlines is captivating.

Commenting on the ‘Powerlines’ EP, Tobias said: “The EP is a contemplation on the self and its different parts, voices, and moods. It’s about listening to the noise of these voices’ endless dialogue and trying to connect with the many parts of oneself that want to be heard. For example, facing the inner child, whose early experiences shape us so much more than we tend to believe, or struggling with the inner critic, who raises self-doubt and prevents us from getting where we want to go.”

Consisting of four songs written by Tobias Arbo himself, Powerlines is produced by Linus and Hannes Hasselberg and mixed by Zach Hanson.

Enjoy listening!

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