New: Oskar Nordbø – New Year’s Eve

Oskar Nordbø, one of our favorite Norwegian folk musicians, heralds a new single called “New Year’s Eve” just one month after the release of his debut album “The Flood”. Of course, it is not surprising that the musician, who was influenced by the snow, winter, and Norwegian nature, meets the audience with a New Year song just before the end of the year. In fact, this is exactly the kind of move we expect from Nordbø. The track “New Year’s Eve” is positioned somewhere between “First Snow Falling” and “Lord Oh Lord” from the debut album with its musicality. Again, the talented musician, who does not hesitate to explore and try new things, reflects this open-mindedness in his music.

Oskar Nordbø, who released three singles, one EP, and one album this year, continues to herald new tracks again, without even a single-cease, and he is saying goodbye to his audience with an end of the year song. Describing an intolerable New Year’s Eve party in the song, the musician also tells the story of the existentialism of the Christmas-new year holiday and the unexpected courage at a company’s annual Christmas party. Oskar successfully describes this Christmas and holidays period we are in at the moment with his new track, which is established with relaxing and soft guitar sounds.

Additionally, he combines calm and mellow tracks with narrative and cinematic music videos. Oskar has just released a seven-minute music video for the tracks of “The Flood I-II-II” which are titled the same as his debut album. You should not overlook his beautifully filmed music video which is filmed in Norway, showing beautiful frames.

By the way, you can read the album review of “The Flood” through this link.

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