I Am Karate 17 Premiere

Premiere: I Am Karate – “17”


We give you the exclusive first listen of I Am Karate’s playful pop banger “17”.

Marta Pettersson and Erika Ahlström are the two masterminds behind I Am Karate, a pop duo who grew up on different sides of the deep forest in Dalarna, Sweden. Singers, songwriters, producers… The versatile artists are ready to drop their debut album this Spring and we’re so happy to premiere their infectious new banger “17”.

What were you doing when you were 17? Like most of us, you were probably naive and certainly too candid. You were still believing in love at first sight, weren’t you? On “17”, the girls go back in time and remember their first relationship with wisdom and power.

“We wanted to make a song that felt like a story with different chapters and a storyline that you could follow and hear even in the music – not only in the lyrics,” they explain. “We always make songs that we feel we can relate to and we’re really proud of how 17 came out. We’re definitely not 17 and in love with a douchebag anymore, hehe, but we definitely still know how it feels, and wanted to make a song that is empowering and understanding for anyone who goes through something similar.”

For a band named I Am Karate, it’s pretty logical that this liberating track sounds like an uppercut. It’s a cheerful anthem for those who have learnt from their mistakes and a middle finger for their stupid ex. Thank you, next!

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