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Small Boy – All My Friends

Oslo-based boyband Small Boy, whom we previously introduced as Norway’s branch of The Smiths, has released their first single after nearly two years. Small Boy, which I personally introduced as my favourite Norwegian band, did not disappoint me at all with their single “All My Friends”. Following their 2022 EP “Wail”, this first single once again invites us into the dreamy world of Small Boy.

The band, which writes songs about waking up to the light of a phone, the importance of hugging, and the unstoppable march towards the complete destruction of our planet, captures the beauties and anxieties of our era in their sound universe. Imagine The Smiths meeting Palace, with George Jones and Wilco sitting at the back table. This is exactly how Small Boy blends these inspirations into their soundscape. Occasionally adding disco and funk tones, they achieve an eclectic sound.

Daniel Lien’s vocals, both melancholic and filled with hope, instantly make you fall in love with Small Boy’s sound universe. The single “All My Friends”, in particular, speaks about being proud of your friends and all the strange things they can do, while reminding you in the background that time is running out.

It also evokes nostalgic memories of beautiful moments while living far away from friends in another city. I am incredibly excited for Small Boy’s new EP/album to be released this fall!

If you haven’t discovered Small Boy before, I highly recommend adding all their previously released tracks to your radar. Here are my top three favourite songs: “Bobby Go Home,” “Sara Girl,” and “Why Am I Leaving.”

By the way, I previously chatted with Small Boy’s vocalist, Daniel Lien, just before their first EP “Wail” was released. You can give it a read here, if you would like.

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