Video Premiere: Boys and Ivy – Bumblebee

Boys and Ivy releases new music video for their track Bumblebee! If you haven’t met them, it is the right time! While the video evokes nostalgic feelings in every sense, the track accompany you to a chill Summer evening in Stockholm. Bumblebee is a beautiful song that that slowly builds to a song that you cannot stop listening to over and over again.

The video was shot in the legendary Atlantis Metronome studio in Stockholm, known for housing some of the most classic acts to come out of Sweden. Boys and the Ivy says that they were honoured to be able to record parts of their album there and their song “Bumblebee” somehow became connected to this place. So they decided to put together their documentary footage and record a music video. It was the first day that the entire band met and the beginning of their collaboration with Filip Grgin – the director of the video.

Make sure to keep Boys and Ivy on your radar! You can follow their journey on Instagram here.

Video Credits:
Keys: Adrian Norén
Drums: Karl “Hovis” Hovmark
Guitars: Jimmie Nilsson
Bass: Kevin Hamring
Vocals: Tilda Gunnarsson

Boys and Ivy on Spoyify

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