Discover: Fusia
Photo: Simon Jepsen

Discover: Fusia

The Danish indie-pop trio Fusia, consisting of Kristoffer Rander, Mads Appel, and Simon Jepsen, is a contemporary interpretation of the modern pop tunes of the 80s. Named after fuchsia, an almost artificial-looking flower, the band also uses the same inspiration in their sound universe. Blending organic and acoustic elements, Fusia brings all these together with electronic production.

The band, which took the stage at SPOT Festival, in Aarhus, Denmark is now excited to introduce their second EP “Ebony” to the audience. In the EP, which consists of five tracks, all the tracks are lively, electronic, and danceable. “Run Out” is the only song in the EP that has not been released before. The song, which is more rock-oriented, sounds similar to Foals. The high-tempo track is one of the energetic songs that can be listened to while doing sports. The other tracks in the EP are reminiscent of the ’80s with electronic, synth-inspired sounds. When listening to the tracks one after the other, Fusia successfully reinterprets the soundscapes of the 1980s.

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