New: Niilas - Also This Has Changed
Photo: Christine Bouche

New: Niilas – Also This Has Changed

We talked about the exciting debut album of Niilas, Peder Niilas Tårnesvik‘s musical alter ego, “Also This Will Change”, at the end of 2020. Even before releasing his first album, the musician had proven his talent especially with the “Slo Rock” remix he made for Gundelach and his other remixes and his own singles and EPs.

Niilas is currently one of Norway’s youngest and most talented producer-musicians. Blending bass-focused melancholy tones with an innovative style, the musician won an award in the Electronic category of Norway’s Grammy Awards, Spellemann, with his eleven-track album “Also This Will Change”. Winning Spellemann was already a big deal on the Norwegian scale, while the other candidates in the category were more assertive in the year Niilas was nominated. Gundelach was nominated for “My Frail Body” and Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas for “III”. One of the most striking details about Niilas’s album was that he undertook the entire production of the album and was deemed worthy of this award.

Today, Niilas has released its conceptualist sequel “Also This Has Changed, which includes demo versions of his first album and remixes of several tracks. Focusing on chaos and movement, the album also manifests itself in chaos and movement. Niilas, who does not neglect to reflect his Sami aesthetics and naturalist perspective, also makes the audience discover an identity and culture that is not sufficiently represented in the electronic music scene.

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