New: Murmur - Me & You
Photo: Andreas Bjørseth

New: Murmur – Me & You

Sunniva Mellbye’s alter ego Murmur is releasing her first single “Me & You” after collaborating with Mörmaid in May. As soon as the piece starts, it’s like we’re teleporting to the late 1990s and early 2000s. That’s what Sunniva is aiming for anyway. You agree with this argument, even more, when you watch the accompanying music video. The assumptions in your head really come to life. “Me & You” is about the individual being both his/her own best friend and worst enemy. The piece also aims to energetically remind you to trust your instincts and embrace the dualities of life. Murmur both wrote and sang the song and brought the protagonist to life in the music video. At the same time, our very, very favorite indietronica duo Jouska co-produced the track.

The music video of the track, which evokes nostalgic feelings in every sense, was shot with the same camera that David Lynch used while filming Inland Empire. The music video was directed and shot by the talented director and cinematographer Andreas Bjørseth, who has also signed the music videos of names such as Boy Pablo, Sassy 009, and Gundelach, came to life on the hottest days of summer in the town where Sunniva grew up, in Norway. The music video showcases Murmur’s memories of her teenage years and the loneliness she felt.

Make sure to keep Murmur, one of Norway’s most exciting and original musicians, on your radar right now. Murmur promises a completely different listening experience with its sound and visual world.

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