SPOT Festival | Discover: PRISMA
Photo: Bobby Mandrup

SPOT Festival | Discover: PRISMA

PRISMA blends alt-pop and punk sounds from Denmark and rebels with their tracks.

Consisting of sisters Sirid and Frida Møl Kristensen, PRISMA presents a unique musical landscape adorned with personal lyrics. Copenhagen-based Sirid and Frida invite us to a party in the mid-2000s with their synths reminiscent of the 1980s and their tracks filled with lo-fi drum machines. They produced calm, introverted, and melancholic tracks with their debut EP “Her”, which they released in 2020. However, PRISMA really caught our attention with its EP titled “Inside Out”, which was released in May 2021. This EP is a persona we almost didn’t see in PRISMA’s first EP. More daring, rebellious, and assertive. They even say the same thing. The track “I Never Wanted To Meet You”, which they previously released as a single, is the most energetic track of the EP. We can say that Sirid and Frida Møl Kristensen, who blend alt-pop and punk tunes, are almost killing on the record, and we also imagine on the stage.

Sirid and Frida, whose energy we feel even from their studio recordings, actually legitimize their identities through their songs, as well as their growth stories and personal developments. For two sisters in their early 20s, this is perfectly normal.

“Let Me Go”, the last song of the EP named “Inside Out” before the closing, slows us down with its tones reminiscent of Twin Peaks. While closing the EP, we finish at the top with “I Never Wanted To Meet You”. The track “Let Me Go” also resembles the sound universe of Boy Harsher. PRISMA impresses everyone at the music festivals in Denmark this summer. And we are truly excited to see them live at SPOT Festival which will take place in Århus on September 16-17.

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