School of X - New Friend
Photo: Stella Malfilatre

School of X – New Friend

Rasmus Littauer, who has performed with MØ, Major Lazer, and Reptile Youth for years, now heralds his solo project School of X.

One of the most exciting musicians of the Danish music scene right now is Rasmus Littauer, or by his stage name School of X. He takes his stage name from the avant-garde Eks-skolen, which was founded in 1961 in Nørrebro by artists such as Troels Andersen, Jørgen Leth, Poul Gernes and Per Kirkeby. Emphasizing the importance of learning from each other and being progressive, Littauer also talks about the insignificance of labels and everyone can join Eks-skolen. Influenced by this philosophy, Rasmus aims to do what he wants under the name of School of X without having to fit into any mold.

Rasmus Littauer, who has been touring with names such as , Major Lazer, Reptile Youth, and The Asteroids Galaxy for many years, says that he now wants to focus on his solo project. The musician, who released his debut album “Armlock” in 2020, was hoped to go to SXSW, but was bewitched by the pandemic and could not really bring his project, which he had been waiting for years, to the audience. Despite all the setbacks, School of X’s album, which was met with great interest in the indie scene, is reminiscent of the Los Angeles indie scene with its tunes. On the one hand, Rasmus has proven his productivity by releasing two albums in two years.

Today, the musician unveiled his last single “New Friend” before “Dancing Through the Void” album, which will be released on September 24. Rasmus Littauer says “New Friend” is the best track that broadly reflects the album. We have been waiting for this single to come out for days, when it was 00.00, we lost sleep as soon as we listened to the track. Since the track was released, we only want to listen to “New Friend” on loop. Even though the track opens with laid-back guitar tunes and gloomy piano, the track reaches a whole new dimension with the introduction of Davide Rossi, who is also an arranger for Coldplay, Gorillaz, and The Verve, with strings.

London and Copenhagen-based director-photographer Stella Malfilatre’s music video for “New Friend” paints an emotional portrait of Littauer’s confident and artistic indie-pop personality with its grainy frames.

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