Discover: Baseløs
Photo: Lonnie Hvam Jensen

Discover: Baseløs

Based in Denmark, Baseløs is made up of five young musicians in their early 20s who are centered around a shared musical vision. Focusing on exploring the pop music universe with nuanced and catchy melodies, Baseløs members crossed paths at Grobund Bandakademi in Århus. Influenced by many genres such as post-punk, neo-soul, funk, and jazz, the band members actually have a background in these genres. However, dream pop tunes have been on their agenda since they met at school. In this context, the group prefers to reflect their dreams and youth with honest lyrics thanks to dream-pop.

Today Baseløs heralds their second single “Helt til København”. In the piece, we explore some of the young people’s responses and perspectives on life in the form of a pop ballad. The disappointment of a young couple on the eve of their relationship that is about to come to an end and their escape to Copenhagen means a change of city and getting away from this world. The instrumentality of the piece, which we can define as coming-age-of pop, is swimming in the waters of country and soul rock.

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