Premiere: Ásta ft. Salóme Katrín – Kaffi hjá Salóme
Photo: Andrea Valgerður Jónsdóttir

Premiere: Ásta ft. Salóme Katrín – Kaffi hjá Salóme

Icelandic musician Ásta is bringing the music video of her first single of 2021 “Kaffi hjá Salóme” via Nordik Simit for the first time with the audience.

Studying viola and classical music at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Ásta has left her own folk tunes since 2019. Even though she previously played in the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. Desiring to continue with her own solo project, Ásta officially entered the folk scene with her album “Sykurbað”. Written in the West Fjords during Iceland‘s endless long winter nights, the album talks about the dusty shelves of the past, an emotionally tiring relationship, and the separation.

Coffee with Ásta and Salóme

At this point, with her new single “Kaffi hjá Salóme”, Ásta is entering a brand new era in her music career with her new and never-tried sounds. One touching, sharp story of friendship. The piece that Ásta gave life to with her friend Salóme Katrín is about how the two musicians met. About meeting at Salóme’s home with coffee and pancakes. The pancakes and coffee duo, which is a very intimate meeting in Icelandic conditions, also come up with colorful and sometimes absurd scenes with the eyes of director Sonja Sævarsdóttir. For the piece, which means coffee with Salóme, Ásta says it is really important, to be honest in both words and melodies. One of the most exciting details about the track is that it is produced by The Vaccines‘ bassist Árni Hjörvar. The single was released on Hraunkot and Paradís Sessions.

Combining poetry with folk tunes, Ásta was greatly influenced by Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez in the sound universe. In 2019, “Sykurbað” was chosen as the Folk Album of the Year and the Female Musician of the Year at the Icelandic Music Awards.

You can discover the colorful world of Ásta with the music video of “Kaffi hjá Salóme”.

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