Alphabats by Lillian Wyse

PREMIER: Alphabats – “Shut Down”

Swedish indie band Alphabats debut pulsating new track “Shut Down”.

Originating from Mölnlycke, in Sweden, Alphabats could be the Scandinavian child of the lush indie of Arcade Fire, the deep barytone vocals of The National, and the luminous yet nostalgic and melancholy vibes of Alvvays – Ok, we know it’s difficult to have one kid with 3 parents, but you got the idea.

Their new track, “Shut Down,” that we are very happy to premiere today, was recorded after they discretely entered an unlocked studio that was actually set up for another band.

After arriving late to the small production studio one night we noticed that the big room next door, the Welfare Sounds studio had been left open,” they explained “We acted on a whim, and went in to record a few jams as fast as possible, hopefully without anyone noticing the impromptu session. That ended up as two songs; Shut Down and Backwoods. The tracks were left in a pro tools folder until the studio producer Per Stålberg opened it by chance a few weeks later and decided to start mixing it.

It’s an infectious offering, combining an uplifting rhythm with a synthetic punch, and the croon of Victor Crusner as the cherry on top. Listen below before it goes live on streaming platforms tomorrow.

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