Video Premiere: Nelson Elle – Smile

We are here with a discovery that takes you to Scandinavian summer evenings; Nelson Elle – Smile!

Nelson had become almost obsessed with words by the age of ten and began writing poetry after she started writing her own short stories. Finally, she started playing around with melodies, and Nelson Elle, whose songs we listen to today, started to take shape gradually. “Music has always been meaningful to me,” she says. “But it became particularly meaningful when these two worlds melted into one. Something new emerged from this.”

Nelson Elle, who has been on a long journey in her music life since those days, is here today with a music video of Smile, which has been in our minds for a few days! For the first time in the world at Nordik Simit!

Nelson Elle, who is also the director, stylist, and editor of the music video, asks us the following questions about Smile and its video;

Smile is about how deceptive a smile can be. How it can poison you and keep you captive. Who are we without our smile? What can a pretty smile make us do?
What if all someone has is a pretty smile, and nothing else to give? 
And what happens to the person waiting to unravel what’s behind that sweet smile?

Nelson Elle holds her hands in front of her mouth through out almost every scene, metaphorically showing how her own voice and smile identity is dampened by unrecognized emotions. The modern dancers symbolize the surrounding poisonous smiles, black as night, taunting her.”

To follow Nelson Elle’s musical journey closely, don’t forget to follow her on Instagram and add her songs to your playlists!

Nelson Elle
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