NEW: ViVii – “Read Between”

Swedish dream pop powerhouse ViVii announces new album with “Read Between”.

After a series of amazing singles shared over the last month, Swedish indie pop trio ViVii have finally announced the release of their sophomore album: Mondays is out May 21st. Coming with the announcement, they unveiled a spellbinding new offering, “Read Between,” where dreamy harmonies and melancholy guitar intertwine. “We wanted to make a song that didn’t have any set rules to it”, they said. “Just a journey song, much like a classical music score. The first bit was written in a big brick church from the 1800s somewhere in Holland.

Before adding:

“It talks about not being able to understand how the ordinary life of school, work and other social situations should be handled. It’s not easy when u feel like you’re from another planet.”

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