NEW: Sunstroke Rain – “Go Greta”

Swedish band Sunstroke Rain unveil green anthem “Go Greta”.

COVID is everywhere in the news and, because of that, we talk a bit less about climate change (even if the two are actually linked). Hailing from Sweden, art pop trio Sunstroke Rain put the topic back on the table with “Go Greta,” a luminous yet conscious anthem dedicated to Greta Thunberg. If, like Oasis’s Liam Gallagher, you don’t know who she is: Greta is a young activist who has travelled the whole world to defend the protection of the environment, she is basically the green icon of the new generation, and because of that she is also the target of many people. Sunstroke Rain’s song is a breezy, poppy song, but also one that is very necessary: Greta’s ideals sound maybe utopian, but it’s certainly not a bad thing to fight for a better world.

Karin of the band stated:

I have been following Greta from her first protests, sitting alone outside the Parliament in Stockholm. So young, wise and full of purpose. I’m afraid there’s too much stupidity and deafness of the many witless in powerful positions, pursuing their own interests at the expense of others. I wanted to encourage Greta to go on and not give up despite these attacks on her, so I wrote ”Go Greta”. As the subject matter is heavy, I wanted to introduce lightness and feelings of hope, reflected in it’s danceability through music.

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