Service by Shinobu

NEW: Service – “Salvation”

Danish artist Service debut with poetic video, “Salvation”.

A project formed in 2019, Service is a new enigmatic act hailing from Denmark. Inspired by the elegance of classical, the immediacy of pop and the sensuality of R&B, the first single “Salvation” sounds like a big hug for the ears. A ballad about “fear, forfeiture and love,” the velvety track also comes with a gorgeous video, courtesy of Mathias Broe. “This has been the most personal music video I’ve directed,” explained the director. “An ode to a body that I’ve given love to and suffered by”.

He then added:

The video is both a sensitive and dark portrait on the gaze of the lover, whom is both capable of adoring and despising the person that the gaze is thrown upon. Cause the danger of losing oneself and begin to control the other is always present in love and it happens often that the one we love also ends up being the one that hurts us the most.

Watch the (slightly NSFW) video below and get ready for more Service music in 2021.

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