NEW: Pikes – “Cool For You”

Swedish artist Pikes unveils Prince-esque new bop, “Cool For You”.

Christoffer Ling aka Pikes has returned with an ecstatic new track. Channeling 80s funk artists such as Prince, the track is an instant bop. “‘Cool For You’ is a song about coming to terms with not seeking outside confirmation in order to feel good,” he explained. “If the people that you love and care about like you and even more importantly if YOU like yourself for who you are, then you’re doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.”

He then added: “I thought I had this down a long time ago but I’ve realized that this issue isn’t something that once dealt with necessarily leaves permanently. It’s something I constantly need to remind myself of.”

This uplifting track is taken from his upcoming EP “Singing about a love while the world is on fire”.

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