NEW: JÁNA – “Outsider”

Swedish musician JÁNA announces sophomore EP with understated R&B track “Outsider”.

After her 2020 debut Ep Flowerworks, Stockholm based artist Johanna Andrén aka JÁNA will return in 2021 with her sophomore EP, Works. She has already unveiled the hypnotic first single, “Outsider,” which was co-produced by Little Dragon’s drummer Erik Bodin. The very subtle R&B track is reminiscent of Frank Ocean’s woozy minimalism.

Speaking on the new single, JÁNA said: “The lyrics and melodies came super quickly to me on ‘Outsider’. It’s my first “breakup song”. I’m questioning this person, the relationship and myself after a breakup. I’m basically asking this person lots of questions in a “how could you” type of way. There’s a sense of frustration, resentment and some sort of sad hope (referring to the second verse) in this song; addressing the feeling that you don’t belong without that person or maybe you lost who you were before ever meeting them.”

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