NEW: Benedikt – “Purple and Green”

Norwegian indie folk outlet Benedikt tease sophomore album with majestic “Purple and Green”.

A 9-piece folk collective hailing from Norway, Benedikt are about to release their new album Balcony Dream, which they describe as “a sober salute of all the things we dwell upon as human beings – nostalgia, past love, dysfunctional relations and other ambiguities of life“. To address these complex topics, they craft atmospheric and orchestral pieces, as heard on their gorgeous new single “Purple and Green”. This dreamy and elegant art folk offering should please all the fans of Grizzly Bear and Sufjan Stevens.

Purple and Green is a song that is very special to us, and that has been with us for many years without being properly recorded. It’s about being heavily in love and not knowing how to act on it, inspired by studying at a strict christian boarding school where physical intimacy was still a taboo. We also feel like this song captures the essence of our second album, with its dreamy, playful arrangement and an unconventional mix of musical elements.

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