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Photo: Adrian Almo

New: Vandbakk – SASUKE

Oslo-based musician Fredrik Vandbakk a.k.a. Vandbakk heralds his fourth single, “SASUKE”, which he released after a long time. The musician, who loves to watch anime, has evaluated the period he was in while naming this track. Especially last year, Vandbakk who felt close to the Sasuke character in Naruto says that Sasuke represented the hard days he went through. Fredrik feels that Sasuke is also a suffering character.

Even if the track telling about personal pain, difficulties and the struggle for life sounds quite dark in terms of the subjects it mentions, it still tries to instill hope. Being influenced by many genres such as pop, rock, punk, and even hip-hop sounds, Fredrik promises a genre carousal. He offers a kind of beauty in chaos, or we distinguish it.

2020 was a bad year for all of us, we should admit it. But Vandbakk says it’s been a year in which he is mentally affected and has to work on himself. The musician, who writes openly and honestly about his personal issues and pains, kind of writes his autobiography with the single “SASUKE”. Unable to give or take away from human beings by constantly trying to hide their dark side and suppressing themselves, Vandbakk reflects on his music what he feels contrary to these taboos. We can say that art is a kind of existence and this reason actually reflects the mood of the artist. Aiming to do exactly this with his music, the musician embroiders it with every track he releases. He says that when we look at the tracks released by Vandbakk as a whole, he draws a complete picture. He will continue to draw.

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