Photo of MoonBee by Anna Jarmolowicz Photography
Photo of MoonBee by Anna Jarmolowicz

NEW: MoonBee – “You Are Not A Lonely Planet”

MoonBee shares dreamy and cosmic new track, “You Are Not A Lonely Planet”.

Danish intergalactic pop adventurer, MoonBee, has recently shared her double debut EP, Come Move In Another Dimension. With the help of The Astronauts, the first part of the project brims with kaleidoscopic and aerial arrangements, which resonate with the cosmic aesthetic of the project. On the other hand, Come Move In Another Dimension Part II will revisit the same songs with the string quartet WHO KILLED BAMBI.

“With my two-sided EP“ Come Move In Another Dimension” I have created a work that encircles the artistic visions and dreams I have had around the MoonBee project,” she explains. “A recurring desire has been to give my music the opportunity to exist in more than just a single shape. I have experienced that my desire to be creative flourishes when I stop setting the framework for it, impose a “red thread” on it or define myself based on what I do not want to be. Instead, I have allowed myself to let desire drive the work and define my universe based on everything I am passionate about. This applies to both my sound but also the visual universe I have tried to create around the music.

Listen to this shimmering retro-futurist project below.

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