New: llawgne – “Golden Soul”

llawgne navigates bitter break ups with orchestral psych-pop cut “Golden Soul”.

Gothenburg’s Mathias Engwall returns as llawgne with “Golden Soul,” the second single lifted from his upcoming album Nevereverie. On this new offering, the singer-songwriter, musician and producer draws from the past to deliver an epic, orchestral psych-pop track. ““I wanted to channel my fascination for orchestral pop from the sixties with some jagged trebly guitars and hazy dreamlike vocals,” he explains. Epic and luminous, the track sounds at first like an epiphany. Yet Engwall actually sings about the end of a relationship. In his own word:

“‘Golden Soul’ is a break up song. It’s about the feelings that come with a separation – the strong sensation of being selfish for wanting it to happen. If you are the one wanting the break up, you feel that you are somehow the winner when it happens. But that win comes with a heavy price. You end up with all the gold, but what you sold is a bit of your good nature, because you hurt someone in the process. It’s a win with a very bitter aftertaste”

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