NEW: CYAMO – “If I Had A Spaceship”

Take a cosmic trip with CYAMO’s Italo-disco track “If I Had A Spaceship”.

In this very special time, when Perseverance is exploring Mars, dreaming of a trip throughout space sounds quite timely. But if you don’t have millions on your bank account, this plan to escape might be a bit complicated. Not if you listen to CYAMO’s cosmic single “If I Had A Spaceship”. Crafted in a small living room in Gothenburg, the Italo disco-tinged anthem, courtesy of Per-Olof Stjärnered and Mathias Engwal, is what you need to fly away – and dance – from the comfort of your bedroom. The track is the opener of their new EP, The Space Between Us, which is about trying to find a sense of belonging. Let’s stay close all together (but please respect social distance).

CYAMO · If I Had A Spaceship

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