Photo of Communions by Lasse Dearman

NEW: Communions – “Bird of Passage”

Copenhagen-based indie duo Communions announce sophomore album with “Bird Of Passage”.

Since the release of their debut EP Cobblestones in the middle of the 2010s, Communions have established themselves as an essential act of the Danish indie scene. Now a duo comprised of the Rehof brothers — Martin (vocals and guitar) and Mads (bass) – the group have just announced its sophomore album, Pure Fabrication, and shared a new single.

Bird of Passage” works like the chorus for the entire record,” explains Martin about their latest song, which explores the themes of identity crisis and confusion. The track is quite personal as it was inspired by their experience of moving from Denmark to the United States and back again after 11 years of life in Seattle. “The refrain “I make my kingdom everywhere” is not an empowering line, but rather an ironic one that attempts to gauge the paradox of being everywhere and nowhere at once,” adds Martin. 

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