Photo: Kristian Grinderslev Nielsen

Jin DeLuca – Cotton Trees

We discovered the Danish band Jin DeLuca in an unexpected moment with their gloomy and melancholic tone. We know that the Danish indie-pop scene, the indie scene in a broader definition, has great musicians/bands. While considering this fact in our mind, we instantly gave an ear to Jin DeLuca, who had only released three singles back then. As soon as we heard the tunes of the band, we realized that we were not mistaken. Today, Jin DeLuca introduced their fourth single “Cotton Trees” to the audience.

Introduction to Jin DeLuca’s musical universe

Although we describe Jin DeLuca’s musical universe as gloomy and melancholic, energetic and attractive, dancy tunes also accompany this mood. We find the effects of names like Bon Iver, James Blake, and The 1975 in the sound universe of the band. Composed by four members Jin DeLuca, who not only draws inspiration from these bands but also works to bring the lyrics to perfection, also wishes to do innovative work in Danish indie-pop music. In fact, when Jin DeLuca, who released their first single in November 2019, faced a problem like the pandemic. They could not apply the scenario in their dreams. Nevertheless, at the end of 2020, they gave five sold-out concerts of a certain capacity with a small audience. In addition, we loved the single “Silk Screen” released by the band in September.

Cotton Trees: A retrospective story

The single also heralds the upcoming EP of the same title “Cotton Trees” which Aarhus-based Jin DeLuca introduced to the audience today. As we have been defining the band’s soundscape, we are indeed feeling the dark, intense, and impressive tunes that can be felt while listening to the single. Additionally, “Cotton Trees” retrospectively looks at the hard choices, the challenges of life. During the listening experience, where the guitar timbre is at the forefront, the deep vocals make the listener feel the atmosphere created by the track.

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