New: Pale Moon – “Stranger”

Pale Moon is the duo comprising Siberia’s Nata and Iceland’s Árni. Now based in Barcelona, the pair craft dreamy folk songs, as heard on their debut EP “Dust of Days”.

“We had around 100 voice memos on our phones with song ideas and we wanted to make an album out of”, the band recalls.  First working in a farmhouse in Iceland, Pale Moon relocated to Spain to finish their new album. “We were going for a studio lockdown, which soon became a quarantine lockdown.”, Árni said. This is how their nostalgic and shimmering new single “Stranger” was born. If you like Fleetwood Mac, this one is for you!

 “It’s not the first version of the song, in fact there were five.”, Árni laughs. “At one point we had a mixed and mastered version on our hands and I decided to play it to our friend, who came over after the lockdown was lifted. Maybe it was just a red wine, but I hated the busy arrangement so much, we decided to start over.”

The track also comes with a video, which was produced by Catalan Production company Órbita. Watch below.

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