New: Annsofie Salomon – “Soft Dreams”

Annsofie Salomon walks in the footsteps of El Perro Del Mar and Joanna Newsom with her gorgeous debut track “Soft Dreams”.

Keep the name of Annsofie Salomon in mind. The Danish singer-songwriter has just debuted on TAMBOURHINOCEROS with an impressive track titled “Soft Dreams”. This single is the result of a long process for the young artist, a path that she has cut in four “life incarnations”. Initially a painter and a sculptor, she dumped all of her creations in the ocean, in “Copenhagen harbour somewhere“. After several attempts, she eventually abandoned the idea of joining the Art Academy and decided to express herself with songs. This interest in visual art is actually palpable in her metaphorical and visual lyrics, when she sings lines like “A frail wind bares a warning / Turning golden waves dissolving / Nightfall faces all colorless / and the porcelain weight / has gone out of them.” You can already watch her very first video below, and we can’t wait to hear what’s coming next from this up and coming talent.

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