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Tobias Grønborg or with his stage name Doglover95, incredibly blurs the line between hip-hop and jazz into a fluid form. Making use of a wide variety of instruments in this musical universe, the musician forms his musicality with the cello, drums, and electronic beats. Doglover95 successfully executes this combination that breaks all the stereotypes behind the hip-hop genre. It is even possible to call Doglover95’s musicial approach as ‘psyschedelic hip-hop’.

While we were experiencing the concert of Doglover95, which took place as part of the last festival of 2020 by: Larm’s daytime events Torggata Fest, the first definition that came to mind was psychedelic hip-hop. Although Doglover95 was not actually included in the main line-up of the festival, his thirty-minute performance was one of the most enjoyable concerts of the festival.

The most important feature that distinguishes the musician from his peers is that his vocals are very different from the hip-hop stereotype that is also shaped in our minds. 24-year-old musician, who wrote, recorded, and produced his first album on his own in 2019, describes his music with the experimental hip-hop label. He makes explicit references to artists such as Bon Iver, Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean, and JPEGMAFIA. Doglover95 is influenced by musicians of different tendencies, revealing his versatility at the same time.

Moreover, Doglover95, who released his first album “Love” which consists of nine tracks in May 2019, also published very sincere writing about the album on his website. Almost every breakup is bad, but Doglover95 really gave life to his album after a harsh breakup. Many mental breakdowns were able to overcome this difficult period thanks to music. In this context, we can define “Love” as a breakup album but in a sense, the manifestation of the healing process. By the way, Doglover95 released a track called “Good Friends” this year too. You might want to check that out too.

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