NEW: Vola Tila – “Forget That I Love You”

Swedish duo Vola Tila shares dreamy new song “Forget That I Love You”.

Hailing from the West coast of Sweden, the songwriting and production duo (Johannes Henriksson and Richard Andersson) met in 2013 and released their debut track last year. Since then, they are showcasing their melodic expertise with songs that navigate indie pop, dream pop and ethereal electronic.

If you’re already a fan, we have some good news: the duo have a new album on the way- but you’ll have to wait next year. In the meantime, you can travel from your bed and dream away with their aerial new track, “Forget That I Love You”. The vulnerable song comes with an unforgettable chorus.

“This song somehow reflects our thousands of questions about who you really are, and what really remains if you are forced to let go of all that? When we found the chorus, we could loop it for several days and just live in that nostalgic feeling. There is so much sadness in there, but also hope to be on the way,” they explained.

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