New: llawgne – “Reverie Neverending”

Swedish artist llawgne introduces new album with dreamy and epic new track “Reverie Neverending”.

Gothenburg’s Mathias Engwall, aka llawgne, recently teased the release of his new album Nevereverie (due out in 2021) with a dreamy and chimerical lead single appropriately titled “Reverie Neverending”.  “It’s about waking up one day and realizing you’ve been practically living in a daydream all your life,” he explained. “You discover that everyone around you has been living in the real world all along, and are miles ahead of you in their lives.” I don’t know about you, but I sometimes wonder if I’m living in a Truman Show-like world; If this is the case, this hazy new anthem could definitely be part of the soundtrack.

“In your romantic mind, you were the protagonist of the movie, but in reality you didn’t even get cast in it,” he added. “And, most importantly -there is no movie.”

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