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New: Simen Mitlid – Grateful Dead

Imagine a rainy day, yellowed leaves with the arrival of autumn and drinking a hot drink. Hear Simen Mitlid’s new single “Grateful Dead” playing in your ear. The weather in Istanbul is rainy and wet today, as all conditions are convenient to listen to the new single. As soon as the song starts, Simen’s soft and mellow voice is almost fascinating you. Simen Mitlid, who presents instrument diversity and multi-layeredness in an elegant and flawless manner, also satisfies us in literary terms with his skillful songwriting. I know that it is such a typical thing to say but if you like Sufjan Stevens, you should absolutely give an ear to Simen Mitlid’s music, because you would not regret at all. The musician describes his newest single as follows:

“Grateful Dead is a song about ghosts, both in a metaphorical way and a concrete way. I wanted to write about bad communication and ghosts became a metaphor for that while using internet connection as a a medium. The track is also a homage to the French poet Charles Baudelaire.”

On October 30, Simen Mitlid will release his third album called Birds; or, Stories from Charlie B’s Travels From Grønland to the Sun, and Back Again”, which indicates already that we will encounter what a poetic musical world. Except “Grateful Dead”, Mitlid released another three singles which gave some clues about the album; and all of those are incredibly harmonious between them in terms of music and the artwork. All the designs and album artworks are made by the talented designer Kristoffer Eidsnes.

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