New: Bobby Dancer – “Granny Smith”

Swedish new talent Bobby Dancer debuts with “Granny Smith”, a hybrid sounding reflection on toxic masculinity.

Hailing from Stockholm, Bobby Dancer is a new a singer-songwriter and producer who combines alternative, lo-fi and R&B, in the manner of artists like Frank Ocean and Dijon. With his hazy and dreamy debut track, “Granny Smith,” he addresses the culture of macho boys and toxic masculinity, as he tries to find and build his own identity.

“I grew up in the countryside, on an island outside of Stockholm, basically trapped in an idyllic but very lonely place. I think I was given, like many boys, a very limited view of how fluid sexuality can be which led to a lot of confusion, shame, and anger when I first experienced feelings for another boy”, Bobby says about the meaning behind the Granny Smith Project.

This authentic rumination notably mentions Brokeback Mountain, an iconic movie that changed the life of many LGBTQ+ teenagers. His love for movies can also be felt in the incredible accompanying visuals, which were directed by Amanda Ekström.

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