Ultraflex Never Forget My Baby

New: Ultraflex – “Never Forget My Baby”

Ultraflex unleash dreamy dance bop “Never Forget My Baby”.

In case you live on another planet, you probably already know that Scandinavian super duo Ultraflex (Farao (NO) + Special-K (IS)) are about to release a common album. The latest single off their debut project, “Never Forget My Baby”, is a dreamy dance cut that was inspired by Janet Jackson and Cher.  

“Picture driving in a convertible car on an open road with the wind in your hair, the ocean on one side, mountains on the other. Aimless, but gravitating towards your love – that is the feeling you get from Never Forget My Baby,” the duo stated about the track. 

Coming with this bop, here’s a super fun homemade video directed by none other than Jóhanna Rakel, who also appears in the visuals.

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