New: Storme – “Kite”


Storme shares ethereal summery song “Kite”.

STORME is Amanda Liedberg, a singer-songwriter who grew up surrounded by the Swedish nature. “I’ve always found this place to be a safe haven that restores me whenever I return to it,” she says. “You don’t think about the rest of the world when you’re here. You’re totally alone in your own mind.” It’s no surprise to read that these wild landscapes have become one of her main sources of creativity.

On her luminous, pristine new track “Kite”, the artist draws inspiration from the first days of the Summer, as she detailed:

Kite is the first real Summer song I’ve written – it’s about an inner journey. There was a day in early June when I was walking in the woods. I felt my body relax, and I could really breathe again, for the first time in a long time. I almost felt like a bird. It made me realise that, as humans, we keep running, seeking and trying in life, but this song is about when you stop over-thinking, relax, and let your body go.

Of course, summers are not as hot in Sweden as they are in Turkey. That’s probably why her interpretation sounds so ethereal and aerial. And this wave of breezy pop is more than welcome to relax at the beach or the pool.

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