New: Josefine – “Let It Go”

Swedish emerging artist Josefine shares pop banger “Let It Go”.

Hailing from Stockholm, but now based in Los Angeles, Josefine is an alumnus of the famous Rytmus Music High School in the Swedish capital. A school that already welcomed Robyn, Tove Lo and Icona Pop as students.

For her new banger, “Let It Go” (be reassured, it’s not a cover of the Frozen hit), the young songstress enrolled producer Martin René, who has already collaborated for the likes of Meghan Trainor, H.E.R and Snoop Dogg. As often, the empowering track is inspired by love.

To be in a relationship is all amazing, romantic and spontaneous in the beginning, then comes that day when everything goes into routine and you start arguing about the most stupid and pointless things,” she explained about the inspiration behind her pop banger. “It’s almost like you try to find something to fight about. So you apologize and take the blame a lot for things that has nothing to do with you just so you can move past it and be fine. You just want to LET IT GO.”

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