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Interview: Vandbakk


Norwegian indie musician Vandbakk got in our radar with his very first single called “Solid Ground”, which was released two years ago. Then, he released his second single “Emotions” that we really liked. Meanwhile in Norway, including NRK P3, Vandbakk got attention from various media and since then we are paying attention to what Vandbakk is doing. By the way, Vandbakk is not only Vandbakk; he also has an alter ego, his electronic project, Dalileo that brings life ambient and down tempo tunes. However, Vandbakk or Dalileo has been pretty quiet for a while to work on new music and also to deal with personal problems such as identity crisis and so on. Today, he is back to life with a brand new single “Wasted Times” which represents the end of an identity crisis. The track blends elements of lo-fi, psych-rock and indie-electric vibes. Sounds already like a summer song, no?

Every time Vandbakk is back with something, he is always trying new things, new tunes, something new basically which is very exciting and unexpected. In this case, “Wasted Times” appears indeed way more different than the other two singles and you should check it out. Moreover, we talked to Vandbakk about his musical inspirations, his motivations and goals to get to know more about him on behalf of his newest single “Wasted Times”.

“I wanted to immortalize an important transitional phase in my life with a song, and this is what came to be. After writing this song, everything became more clear to me. I needed something new and fearless to capture my attitude as an artist, and this song has become a source of inspiration and reference for that”. -Vandbakk.

-Hi Vandbakk, how are you in the days of the corona? What are you up to? Is lockdown going productive for you or vice versa?  

Vandbakk: Hello Nordik Simit! I´ve managed to make it work, but I definitely miss everything that corona has put restrictions on. 

-You are now releasing your third single which I find is way more different than “Solid Ground” and “Emotions”. “Wasted Times” is indeed an indie-pop track with electronic timbres. We didn’t use to hear electronic tunes in your music. What brought you to this electronic universe?

Vandbakk: My new music definitely sounds different from before. It´s hard to explain why, since I always just make what I like at the point of making it. I guess I´m more open to trying out new things, and also stepping away from a band-based sound. 

-Why did it take you so long to release your third single? 

Vandbakk: There´s been a lot going on with my music lately. I´ve been working on reinventing myself as an artist, stacking up songs and whatnot. I also just plain wanted a break, so I could focus on other things.

-In your press kit, it is written that “Wasted Times” represents the end of an identity crisis. How was it for you? Could you give us more information about the track’s background story? 

Vandbakk: This is the reason why things have been moving slowly. I´ve been going through a lot of different stuff in my life, and it´s been a journey figuring out how I should respond creatively to all these experiences. I always want to be as honest and blunt as possible, and it took me a while to get my creative flow back on track, dealing with all this.

-As I have been observing your artist profile, we can actually say that your style also has changed since “Solid Ground”and then “Emotions”. With all of the singles, you were back with a brand new and even more original style than before. Is this part of your identity crisis as well or is it more like a trying new things instinct?

Vandbakk: Trying out new things is a big part of who I am, variety is key. Working with different sounds is fulfilling and keeps it interesting. I feel like as I go, I´m narrowing my style more and more, to the point where I eventually will find myself making music that has a more distinct continuity.

-When are you going to release your EP? Do you have some upcoming projects? 

Vandbakk: My EP is around the corner, sort of. It will be out by the end of 2020. Other than that, I might put some tracks on SoundCloud here and there.

-You do also have a side project called Dalileo which is your producer alias. How is it going? Are there some new tunes for us?

Vandbakk: I´m actually working with artists as Dalileo, but it´s all low key at the moment. I might also put some more beats out eventually.

-Since we have been talking about your diversified music universe, I must ask your musical inspirations as well. If that exists, who is/are your musical idol/s? 

Vandbakk: There are a couple of artists that will always be major pillars in my music universe, like Tame Impala, King Krule, Mac Miller and Daniel Caesar. As a kid, Guns N Roses were my main musical idols. The dirty sound really resonated with my hyperactive mind. 

-What are you listening to these days? 

Vandbakk: Lately I´ve been completely losing track, just listening to everything. I´ve been listening to Juice WRLD a lot lately though, and I´ve picked up a lot of inspiration from his style of working with melodies. I also love Lil Peep, Yung Lean and Trippie Redd. Basically, everything that´s emo is my shit lately.

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