Two new singles from Robert John David

Swedish band Robert John David heralds us that before the new album “Livet är enkelt”, which will be released on May 28, two last singles. Offering indie-pop soundscapes from Sweden, the band actually feeds from deep stories from everyday life. The musician who talks about the badness and coldness of the air in Sweden with his singer “Semestern är för kort (Livet är en pärs)” released on April 30, has a fairly honest attitude. If we want warmer weather and sunbathing, we can move to a more temperate country, at least after Covid-19 is over, and we can take control of our lives or find peace in the country we live in, he says, and underlines that complaining will not bring us anywhere. In fact, he complains while doing this.

Blending the problems of everyday life with his own musical style, Robert John David never hesitates to show his honest attitude while doing this. In fact, the musician, who expresses his personal problems in his pieces, is actually establishing a closeness with the audience. Being indifferent to the stories told by Robert John David becomes almost impossible. Today, Robert John David heralds his last pre-album single “Glitter och sång”. This piece, which tells the musician’s fear of the party taking place in his home and hiding in the toilet, even becomes a psychedelic and experimental state. The single cover, like all covers, is from the hands of talented designer Frida Wallgren.

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