AySay Glod

New: AySay – “Glød”

AySay builds a bridge between Scandinavian and Kurdish cultures with “Glød”.

AySay is a trio fronted by Luna Bülow Ersahin, a singer-songwriter with both Danish and Turkish/Kurdish roots. In their new track, “Glød” (which means “glow”), they close the gap between these two cultures by combining western pop arrangements and middle eastern melodies.

I’m born and raised in Denmark, and therefore not less Danish than everybody else,” explained Luna. “But in my upbringing, I’ve heard just as many Kurdish lullabies as Danish ones. AySay is these two worlds, put together, in an “western” frame from pop music.

With our music, we would like to explore and blur the unnuanced borders of different cultures and genres. My thought is that in the modern, globalized world, it is almost just as normal to be inspired by, and to be raised into several different cultures – In my case, the Danish and Turkish. The Nordic sound has, in my opinion, mixed itself with the middle eastern, which is what I want to show with AySay. I want to show that you can jerk people’s ears, and what they are used to regard as normal. I want to show the spot, where you think the music is both recognizable and foreign – and in synergy, create something new.

Going further in the mixing of cultures, the bewitching track is about travelling and the very subjective concept of home. What is home? Where is home? This is a so personal topic, but maybe their beautiful video will help you find an answer.

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