Göteborg by Robert John David

Named after three names of songwriter Robert Serholt, the band, Robert John David, offers indie-pop/rock views from a small city outside of Gothenburg, Kinna. In addition to Robert, his brother Fredrik Serholt, Anton Klavborn and Jesper Persson are among the band that has been making music from a young age. It is possible to find a trace of everything in the sound universe of Robert John David, influenced by many different genres such as emo, punk, alternative rock, pop and progg. Bringing this multi-color to his stage, Robert John David makes the audience feel that energetic mood. The band has been releasing singles during the spring and they are now ready to share their second album “Livet är Enkelt”.

We know that because of corona virus, it is now impossible to travel around, but we still wanted to discover Robert John David’s town, Göteborg so that we can learn about the upcoming probable holiday destination. Fredrik Serholt has prepared us an amazing, local Göteborg city guide and here it is.

for eating

Jinx food truck and Jinx Dynasty, one of the best meals I’ve had in Göteborg in a long time. Great and very priceworthy Asian street food. 

for drinking

Spike Brewery, a great craft brewery in slaktusområdet, Gamlestaden, with a very cozy tap room open on Saturdays. If you’re lucky, in the summer, you’ll find me behind a wood oven, selling Neapolitan style craft pizzas here as well, to pair with your hoppy beers. 

for coffee

Hard one.. I used to work at a pre school in Majorna, close to a cozy small café called Biscotti with a great espresso. Also Aldardo outside Saluhallen is a great choice for a quick espresso while buying some nice italian cheeses.

for dancing

If I dance i want to dance to live music, so the same answer as the one below. 

for music

We have a bunch of great venues in Göteborg, and I think the ones booking live acts are all doing a great job and should have all the support in the world. I won’t mention any because then I’ll probably forget some.

for escaping

Bergsjöbadet, a beautiful small lake in Bergsjön. I like to take walks here from my home (I live in Kviberg) either to take swims in the summer, or for making a fire and barbeque veg-dogs in the winter.

for record shopping

Bengans, classic place for buying records with a great range and prices.

for clothes shopping

There’s a bunch of flee-markets and secondhands around Bellevue where you can find all kinds of stuff. If you’re not satisfied keep walking to Kviberg and visit Kvibergs marknad, and I can guarantee you won’t come home empty handed.

for first date

Saluhallen, go buy some great groceries, have a beer at Kåges, eat a small lunch / snack, then go home and cook together. There’s nothing better than cooking at home after a visit at Saluhallen. 

for inspiration

Backa Teater, they always put up super inspiring and important shows where everything’s on point.

for walking

Göteborg is a great city for long walks, I love to start walking from Johanneberg and then passing through Haga, Linné and Majorna or the other way around, with stops at nice bars, cafés and bakeries, (many of the best ones are in these areas).

for sleeping

Partille Vanrdrarhem, had a great time here in this suburb to Göteborg many many years ago when recording an album at Nacksving Studios on Kungsgatan. 

for the best view

Ramberget, the best view, and also one of the best places for walks. 

your favorite local place

Yamall Alsham Restaurang in Gamlestaden, great authentic falafel for the price of 40 kr.

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