New: Robert John David – “Det finns en plats”

Robert John David, who released a punk anthem called “Kaffe och nikotin” about a month ago, turns the route this time in a completely different direction. “Det finns en plats”, which is an adorable single where we feel the indie pop sounds, also gives clues from the musician’s second album to be released on May 28. “Det finns en plats” is actually a song of growth and growing up where we take on nostalgic feelings. The song, written by Robert John David and his older brother Linus Serholt, tells us how the relationship of the two brothers changed in this period. The song that Robert and Linus gave life as a duet talks about Robert’s being able to enter the social life of his brother as soon as he turns 16 and play in his band. It’s a bit like the coming of age story. The song actually leads us to visualize the outline with its musical universe; we can even say that a typical Scandinavian ‘coming of age’ story comes alive in our eyes. “Det finns en plats” also shows us the colorful musical identity of Robert John David. Robert John David, who we have felt from the singles he has released until now, on his journey between different genres, seems to be able to surprise the audience with his second album that he will release on May 28. Meanwhile, the album cover is signed by talented illustrator Frida Wallgren.

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