New: Pasha x Coucheron – “Lighthouse”

After this year’s by:Larm Festival, we couldn’t stop talking about Pasha x Coucheron’s breathtaking performance. The duo is now brining a very energetic track to the audience. As soon as you listen to “Lighthouse”, which is a completely crazy piece on the dance floor, your mode increases ten times more and you start dancing even from your seat. Both musicians put their solo projects aside and started a joint project, and Lighthouse is the second single of this project. When Coucheron’s electronic dance music and Pasha’s retro-inspired hip-hop tunes melt in a pot, energy bursts somehow. In order to separate this new project from their solo projects and put it in a different place, the duo that closed themselves to an isolated cabinet in the mountains of Norway are indeed with a different sound universe than their other works. When we say disco, french house, hip hop tunes of the 90s, modern electronica, we feel nostalgia to our marrows. “Lighthouse” is indeed an ideal song to close the week. It would be the right choice to close the isolated overtime with Lighthouse on this sunny Friday.

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