New: Melasól – “Venjulegur Maður”

Transscandinavian band Melasól debut with dreamy and breezy track “Venjulegur Maður”.

Melasól is what we can call a trans-nordic outlet. Besides members hailing from Norway and Iceland, the band recorded their freshly released debut EP in Copenhagen. About the project, which was produced by Jon-Anders Orlien, they said:” It’s the sound of that cool summer breeze, you’re in love and schools out. It’s about those unbeatable and cherishable moments that brings you the widest smiles. Melasól – Debut Ep is covered in a warm and embracing sound that puts you in the rehearsal room and tells the story of a young boy from Island who is discovering love, longing and friendship.”

The first single and closing track, “Venjulegur Maður,” sounds like a breath of fresh air in these uncertain times. It is luminous, dreamy, and this is the perfect song to wait for the summer (if we have one this year). Let’s keep the hope up with this debut track in the meantime.

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