New: Favor – “In My Blood”

Danish retro-pop artist Favor shares Crush, a debut album to rebuild himself and move on.

Jeppe Gade is a Danish indie pop singer-songwriter who just released his debut album Crush; 11 tracks all written during a difficult time for the artist. About the creative process of the record, he said:

For me, creating music is a way of life and if I cannot, well who am I then? I was really scared it would get worse. Because what would happen if it did? I talked to my producer Morten Søgaard (Masasolo) about and he just asked the right questions. Which songs would you wish you had written? Who would you have written them for? What would they be about? That became a turning point for me.”

More than just a hobby, music is a mindset. It’s in his blood, as he sings on the opening track of the record. “This goes straight into my organs. It propagates as music should do.” A bit like his nostalgic melodies and striking songwriting, that are assuredly going straight to our head, and to our heart.

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