New: Robert John David – Kaffe och nikotin

When we were at this year’s by:Larm Festival in Oslo, there was also Swedish bands who playing at Cafe Sør under Svenska:Larm. We knew about Robert John David before but it was a great occasion to see them live for the first time, and we utterly loved their performance. We have been checking on their music for a while before by:Larm and even listening them on Spotify, we really got into their aura and felt their incredible energy.

Named after three names of songwriter Robert Serholt, the group, Robert John David, offers indie-pop views from a small city outside of Gothenburg, Kinna. In addition to Robert, his brother Fredrik Serholt, Anton Klavborn and Jesper Persson are among the band that has been making music from a young age. It is possible to find a trace of everything in the sound universe of Robert John David, influenced by many different genres such as emo, punk, alternative rock, pop and progg. Bringing this multi-color to his stage, Robert John David makes the audience feel that energetic mood. In 2019, Robert John David released the debut album called “Nr. 1” and heralds the sequel on May 28. Until then, the band will release seven singles during the spring. Another element that draws our attention is that Robert John David’s album and single artworks are also amazing, all of them are designed by talented artist Frida Wallgren.

Today, on March 19th, Robert John David brings a new single called “Kaffe och nikotin” to the audience with a music video, presenting scenes from a typical student life. This piece, which can be described as the punk anthem of a student’s brutal days, talks about the coffee and nicotine diet, the deadlines we need to raise and Skype talks. Although the lyrics are in Swedish, Robert John David, who can convey the same feeling to the audience, really reveals that stressful and paranoid period. We’re very excited about Robert John David’s new singles and his album to be released in May. By the way, we might have a surprise for you during the upcoming days with Robert John David. Stay tuned!

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