BJOERN by Martin Wiklund

New: BJOERN – “Hold Me”

Your future Scandinavian pop obsession BJOERN unveils impressive sophomore single “Hold Me.”

BJOERN is the moniker of Stockholm’s pop artist Linnéa Björn. The up and coming songstress has finally released her second single, following up to her beautiful ballad “Why”. A song that was written out of the fear of loneliness, mental illness and failing self-esteem, “Hold Me” is a Scandinavian pop masterpiece. The production is simply breathtaking, notably during the epic chorus. About this vulnerable track, BJOERN gave us some details:

” ‘Hold me’ is a song about feeling lonely and scared. A reminder to myself that those feelings can’t kill me or stop me to keep on evolving as a person. I wrote it at home in my bed. I had just moved to a new city. I was starting a new chapter in my life and didn’t know that many people in the same industry that I knew I wanted to work in. I was scared and old brain ghosts began to contaminate my thoughts and turn on my self-esteem. I have a past with mental illness and felt like my brain was trying to find that safety blanket of sickness again through telling me I wasn’t good enough. I’m grateful that I found music so I know what to do when this happens. I have to get that bad energy out of the system and the only way I’ve found to work so far in my life is making sounds and see if the words come out.”

Photo of BJOERN by Martin Wiklund

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