Stockholm by Strandels

We asked Swedish sibling duo Tova and Sixten Strandell, Strandels’ favorite places in Stockholm! Don’t forget to listen to their songs while wandering around in Stockholm!


Babette in Vasastan. Babette makes you feel like a guest in a friend’s kitchen. Delicious pizza, side dishes and wine. Make sure to get there early though, it’s always packed and hard to get a table. It’s popular and tight.


Vina at Södermalm. Go there for a glass of wine and a bowl of olives. Enjoy the small space and cozy atmosphere.


Wilmers kaffebar. It’s just around the corner from where we live so it’s our go-to for good vibes and coffee. Sometimes when you want to sit down for a coffee it’s not specifically the coffee that sets the mood, but the place itself. With that said Wilmers kaffebar will make you feel at home.


Fasching for sure. In the center of Stockholm. A jazzclub. Pretty much the only place where you can do your ugly dance amongst people in all ages and totally be yourself. It’s good music and live bands 90% of the time and they won’t be playing that repetitive house music.


Fasching again but if you want more live bands and a good beer, Engelen in Gamla Stan is the place to be.

Escape from City

Stockholms archipelago. If you’re in a real touristmood you should get on one of the boats from Strömkajen that will take you out to the most beautiful islands and cobbles in Stockholm.

Record Shopping

Pet sounds at Södermalm. It’s probably the most organized recordshop we have here. They’re good at thinking outside the box and do things such as livesessions, podcasts and radio in their store too!

Clothes Shopping

POP stockholm, Humana, Lottas vintage, Bodil vintage, Colors of africa, Old touch and many many more. Stockholm is filled with good second hand shops and antique shops. Too many to line up here 🙂

First Date

Rost. A cool relaxed bistro on Södermalm. They have good drinks and a stage where they do live performances. With a checkered floor and a motorcycle-service station pretty much inside the bistro this is the place to be the first time you meet someone, because there is always something happening here, and the awkward silence is long gone.


Just go for a walk. Even though we grew up here, the strolls in Stockholm never gets boring. You discover new beautiful places all the time that will keep you inspired. Sounds like a cliché but it’s true!


As we mentioned above, you can pretty much walk anywhere because all places here has it’s charm. But if you want the real ”prettyplaces” you should take at least one stroll through Gamla stan, Djurgården, Lärkstan, and Åsöberget.


On a desert little island in the archipelago inside a tent with a loved one.

Best View

Climb the stairs up Stadshuset, and when you’re at the top you’ll find the most mesmerizing perspective of Stockholm.

Favorite Local Place

Oljebaren in Vasastan. It’s supercozy, plays good music and has the right atmosphere. Best staff and drinks too! You have to try their lemondrink, you won’t regret it.

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