Kirkenes by Ørjan Nilsen

Norway’s one of the most interesting and enjoyable musicians, Ørjan Nilsen just dropped a new single called “Samhain”. Based in Kirkenes, where is only 35 km far from Finnish border and 10 km far from Russian border, is a very interesting town. Ørjan listed his favourite places in Kirkenes for us, while discovering the town do not forget to listen his songs.

for eating

A lovely restaurant called SALT, anyone visiting Kirkenes, should definitely check it out!! 

for drinking

My little kitchen island, seem to be pretty popular amongst a lot of my friends as well!

for coffee

Go’ Biten, cosy little place in the center of Kirkenes! 

for dancing

A club called Ritz, or my living room with close friends!

for music

My livingroom, pretty nice sound system in there.

for escaping

Either at the movies or actually my parents place, always get some nice rest and time for thought there.

for record shopping

Probably 2001, SL Platebar was my spot! No more record shops anymore unfortunately..

for records shopping

Cubus, have all the essentials and cool clothes too.

for first date

Gapahuken, lovely little spot by the water with amazing food prepared in the middle of the restaurant. Fun fact, it’s located by the border to Russia, literally a 2-3 minute walk away.

for inspiration

Just looking outside, standing on my balcony, or on a little hilltop close to my house, watching the stars through my telescope.

for walking

Technically anywhere in my little city, it’s quite beautiful. 

“This picture is during sunrise. Truly a magical place!”
A good comment to have is that the pictures with the weird blue light are taken around 1pm in winter, during that time Kirkenes has less than an hour of daylight and for the remaining of the day it has this very very weird blue color. Really beautiful.

for sleeping

My own insanely comfortable bed! Or my couch passing out in front of the TV.

for the best view

A place called ‘Storfjellet’, its magical regardless of season.

your favourite local place

In my house, with my daughter watching a movie eating pizza!

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