Oslo by Ivar Myrset Asheim

Ivar Myrset Asheim, one of the most talented drummers in Norway, is playing with the bands that we really like a lot such as Luke Elliot, Konradsen and Billy Meier. We asked Ivar about his favorite places in Oslo.

for eating

I went to this Japanese restaurant called Koie, a couple of months ago. It was amazing. They serve really good traditional Ramen soup in different variations. With some Gyoza on the side and Sake to drink, this will be an awesome meal! It’s located in the middle of the city centre, just by the popular street Torggata. 

for drinking

Not far away from Koie is a bar called Torggata Botaniske. This is a really nice place. The inside is filled with plants. It’s like having a drink in the forest. It’s not too noisy there either, and they have really good cocktails! 

for coffee

My favorite café in Oslo is Liebling, on top of the area Grünerløkka. My rehearsal space is just by this café, so this is the place I usually go to have a coffee and sit down and to work. It’s a very good vibe there, and they have good food and a lot of organic products.

for dancing

Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene is the biggest jazz venue in Oslo. Once every month, they turn their venue into a club, and call this night Jazzbox. Usually two bands play a set each of danceable jazz/soul/fusion music and then there’s really good DJ’s the rest of the night. The entrance is free, it’s always packed of people and an awesome dance floor! It can be smart to be there early – one time I had to stand for one hour in line to get in…

for music

Oh, where should I start on this one. There’s a lot of good venues and café’s for music in Oslo. One of the bigger venues that I really enjoy, is Sentrum Scene. They have really good booking, the room is very nice, and the sound is good! 

But there’s also a lot of small venues where there’s really exciting things happening. Khartoum is a new Ethiopian bar in Bernt Ankers gate 17, just by Youngstorget. I’ve really fell in love with this place. There’s a lot of exiting things happening there. Every Tuesday they have an event called “Jazz in Khartoum” where there is a young musician, based in Oslo, in charge of the music that night. Usually they play a solo set first, then a second set with a band or project, and then a final third set as an open jam with who ever is there. You never know what you’ll get, and you’ll be exposed to music you’ve never heard before. They also have some art exhibitions and you can by amazing Ethiopian food!

for escaping

Nordmarka! In Oslo, we are really lucky to have a lot of nature, surrounding the city. Of you take the metro to Sognsvann or Frognerseteren, you can hike through the forest and be all by your self. It’s wonderful. 


for record shopping

Big Dipper is a really good record shop with a lot of good vinyl. It’s close to Youngstorget. They’re doing a good job promoting Norwegian music. A lot of unknown and popular artist from different genres have acoustic concerts and signing there when they release new music.

Bare Jazz is also a good record shop. It’s only a one minute walk from “Big Dipper”. It’s a legendary shop. They only sell jazz records there and they have a nice bar, so you can sit down in the back yard and celebrate your new records with a beer. 

for clothes shopping

I like shopping vintage clothes. It’s like a treasure hunt; you might not find anything, but then suddenly you can find something really special and unique! Uff Vintage Store is a good one. They have clothes from the 40’s to the 90’s.

for first date

Tilt! This is a cool bar just by the venue, Rockefeller. It’s an arcade game bar. They have two floors filled with old arcade games, shuffle board and pin ball machines. A lot of fun. Perfect activity for a date. And there’s also a lot of space to sit down and talk. 

for inspiration

The Astrup Fearnley Museum. They have amazing contemporary art. There’s always something exiting to see there.

for walking

Botanisk hage at Tøyen is beautiful. It’s a big garden with over 5 000 different species of plants. It’s a nice place to walk around and get away from the city stress.

for sleeping

Hm… I only sleep in my own appartement, so I guess that’s my favorite place.

for the best view

By the Ekeberg Restaurant or at Grefsenkollen. Amazing view, and not to far away from the city.

your favorite local place

Fru Burums. This is a very cosy and laid back bar, just a few minutes walk from my flat. I hang out here a lot.

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